Frequently asked questions

Where is the nearest fuel?

The nearest fuel is 65km to the south at Injune or 105km north at Rolleston. It is strongly recommended that you fuel up here on your way to Wallaroo – especially if you are planning any day trips to either the Carnarvon Gorge or Lake Nugga Nugga.

Is there internet access?

Internet access is available upon request for workshops and conferences. For social groups it is limited to half an hour each evening from 8 to 8.30pm. Conversation is much more important than Facebook!

What temperatures can I expect?

In Summer Wallaroo can be uncomfortably hot and in Winter it can be seriously cold. The Lodge is not air-conditioned but receives a lovely cross breeze. During Winter gas heaters are available as well as hot water bottles for your tents.

What should I wear?

Even during the warmer months, comfortable long sleeved shirts and at least one pair of long pants is recommended. This protects you not only from the sun but also scratchy grass when bush walking and the mozzies during certain times of the year. Don’t forget your hat!

What should I bring?

Your clothes, your food, your camp oven recipes and ingredients, a bottle of wine – or two, your favourite board games or outdoor game for the kids and that is just about it. A pair of slip on shoes is recommended for getting to and from the bathrooms. A torch for getting around at night is important and a spot light if you have one. A reading torch if you’d like to curl up with a book. Your fishing gear if you’d like to try your luck. Marshmallows. A water bottle. The guitar if you’ve got room. But you can forget the kitchen sink.

Are Pets Allowed?

Yes pets are allowed but we must insist that they not be allowed in the glamping tents under any circumstances.  Two kennels are available to house your pets of an evening at a cost of $10 a night.  It is important that they are locked away for their own safety – you’re in dingo territory now!

Is there mobile phone reception?

There is no mobile phone reception at Wallaroo Outback Retreat so check in with your loved ones at either Injune or Rolleston. If you are with Telstra and are desperate to make a call you can climb to the top of Skull Mountain behind the Retreat. Otherwise just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Is the Retreat suited to all ages?

Children love the Retreat although sometimes Mum’s with small tots find it a bit stressful. The Retreat is unfenced, there are open campfires, ants and other creepy crawlies. The only sleeping arrangements would be for you to bring along a porter cot or sleep them between Mum and Dad. Small children don’t always enjoy sleeping in a separate tent to their parents. Seven years and up is ideal.

Eighty years olds have stayed and thoroughly enjoyed the Retreat, although the walk to the bathroom is not suited to everyone. As long as you are fit and healthy and young at heart you’re sure to have fun.

When is it best to visit?

Autumn and Spring. March, April, May and even early June are definitely the nicest times of year to visit Wallaroo Outback Retreat as well as August, September, October and early November. The Retreat is closed to overnight guests throughout the height of Summer.

How far to the nearest town?

Injune is a 50 minute drive to the South and has a Spar, chemist, doctor, pub, tyre repair shop and more – much of which is closed over the weekend though. This being the case it is very important you bring all the food, beverages and medication you need with you so you’re not running in and out of town for forgotten essentials.

Can I book a fully catered, fully guided overnight tour?

Yes you can! Contact www.boobookecotours in Roma and sign up to one of their fantastic tours to Wallaroo. You can still organise your own private group and Boobook can be very flexible with their itinerary to cater to your particular interests.